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Hi. My name is Christopher Hamilton and this is my photographic background:

Years of photographing in some of London’s top venues and night spots, for both wedding and Corporate Functions, has greatly contributed to how I work and has helped me to develop an understanding of what people want (and should expect, without question) from a professional photographer.

Shooting Weddings and Corporate events has taught me that it demands an understanding of when to be discreet, and when it's okay not to be. When it’s acceptable to photograph someone and when not. I always take into account and respect people’s moods and never forget that people have an entitlement to privacy if that is their wish. Not everyone loves being photographed or being the centre of attention.

I want you to be glad to have made the decision to employ a Professional Photographer. Modern mobile phone cameras are amazing. I use mine all the time. There all have limitations.  I don'tsuppose it will be long before my next 'professional camera' is a mobile phone! But until that happens I want you to be sure you'll get the best results possible that my Nikons can supply.





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